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I dedicate my life to implementing a lifestyle that is caring about the environment and share my learnings.

The air we breath, the water we drink, and the food we eat are the foundation of a healthy & happy society.

Love Life & Live Greener - Change your life... the way you eat, behave, consume, ...

Keep our planet green, clean and vibrant. 


On my fruity plant-based diet I garden a lot... we set up Fruit Forests, save and plant seeds, grow trees and greens, manage soil fertility, ...

At other times we make music and I spend time introduce interested people to the Rainforest through Nature Walks where people learn about the plants and eco systems.

If you don't have the time or ability to actively give back to the planet, help me and othe rlike minded people ot do so.

Donate here or contact us if you want to get involved in our garden projects. 

Here in the far North of Australia or in other tropical places around the world.

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'Industrial crop and livestock production damages the environment, threatens human health, degrades rural communities, harms workers and compromises animal welfare. These pages provide detailed information, along with resources for promoting a sustainable alternative.'
This is why we need to change. Maintain your health and a beautiful enjoyable living environment by changing your lifestyle. The way you eat makes a huge difference.


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dual citizenship:
SOS director - travelling a lot in the future
Australia is my home now. Self Organising Systems supports and enables bubble up community projects. My work as a director of this non for profit organisation will lead me to travel to other countries frequently to explore the projects we consider auspicing and the environment they are in and to access their progress and outcomes.
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Australian National Audit office and Au office of financial management require you to be a citizen to work for them.
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Australian owned
Intellectual property, in growing and manufacturing techniques...
market research & marketing
Self Organising Systems is the umbrella organisation for a diverse set of auspices projects that drive community towards future orientated behaviour.
And at the moment we are looking for a team of key collaborators from different nationalities that will form our next generation of directors, starting with Australia and America. Required skills are excellent communication and team building abilities, understanding of commonly used technology including webpage content management, the ability to think outside the box and a passion for community.
For further information please contact as per below.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A Tropical Community Garden - BWB 128 Initiative

Creation and expansion of a network of farms working towards self sufficiency through gardening of fruit and vegetables and the development of community lifestyles across Far Northern Australia's tropical zone and connecting up with other similar projects to form a "friendship" trail which interested people can become involved with. This project can further serve as an example for sustainable living and food production in the region both for individuals and government bodies.

Engagement - an ongoing workshop
Providing assistance in creating and maintaining a low input - high output edible tropical Fruit Garden through plants that are hardy and delicious - both international plants that are well suited for the area as well as native plants. Sparked up with communal food preparation and socialising on the end of the day and regular events (including live music and art) to celebrate our work and create strong social bonds between participants.

These edible gardens and fruit forests on the edge of world heritage rainforest can also be seen as a form of regenerative reforestation instead of open bare land or agriculture with destructive impacts on the environment.

- land, land rights and interest/willingness
- Know-how: expert assistance in choosing suitable plants and location & assistance in preparing wholesome meals from local plant based foods
- set up of the garden: tools, materials
- sourcing seeds, cuttings and trees (resources)
- labour
- local community support: from community groups and ideally from the local council

positive Outcomes
-Homegrown food supply which creates an idependence from supermarkets and fast food
- Maintaining pristine environments through less support of conventional food market; avoiding GMO's, processed and packaged foods and the exsisting distribution system, thereby less resource use and less destructive impacts
- Mental and physical Health for Community members (young & old and cross cultural)
- Food brings people together which aides in the mental wellbeing of the community due to strong social bonds
- Physical exercise and distraction from unbeneficial habits
- learning about a way to eat sustainably and a healthy active lifestyle
Minimum success more trees adding to a better Carbon balance ;-)

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