Moving closer to my favourite Food

 Now I have fullfilled my 2 year contract and am about to move North to even more remote areas of FNQ to pursue new projects in the field of sustainable eating and community development towards ecological sustainability.

In October 2013 I started working as the Marketing Assistant for Mungalli Creek Dairy.

An organisation that uses biodynamic agricultural principles for their pastures and thereby contributes to a sustainable food supply for North Queensland. 

 Mungalli tasting 12.10.13 small

I am happy to dedicate my time and my skills to a company that takes responsibility for keeping the region pristine.

In my private time I help on different farms and orchards and enjoy the abundance that becomes available.



Celebrate with me!

A new chapter becomes a constant part of my life! 

I am with Mungalli for 6 month now and it has been an amazing learning curve! (= 

I am contributing in many different areas of the company and thereby learned so much about the organisation and diverse fields of work, like Marketing, Administration, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Communication.

 The experiences I have gathered over the last half a year have made me a functional and welcomed  part of the organisation and that feels good! (=

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