My life is full of interesting experiences in exciting places and I meet a lot of interesting people on my way.

Below I have started a list of Community groups, networks, organisations,places and people that I regard as support worthy.

I hope this list inspires you to identify your local networks that allow you to adapt a happy, environmentally aware lifestyle - not quite the norm or ordinary...

...a little different - to drive change - to transition society!


Mungalli Creek

IMG 8571

Bio-dynamic farming, regenerative agriculture, eggs, dairy

Millaa Millaa NQ



Mossman Markets

Mossman Markets

One of the nicest litte community markets that I am aware of, such a nice vibe, friendly people and amazing produce...

All you need, from local fresh fruit and veg to the best chocolate and locally grown and cured Vanilla products.

Julatten Earth Foods

Julatten Earth Foods

What a great community service - Locals for locals

Kate Mitchell has done a fantastic job with growing wonderful garden produce and offering

it to the community at the Mossman markets and by supplying a few other venues with her nutritious goodness.

The project gets continued now by the next generation of keen gardeners... Check it out every Saturday at the Mossman Markets.

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