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Nature before anything!

I spend my time on lots of things whatever might help to drive change towards more sustainability.

Sustainability defined as the following: Make it the main priority to maintain last existing pristine nature areas. This means altering conventional behaviour in other locations due to their secondary impacts on pristine natural habitants.

Before I go into any further detail on what I do with my time to facilitate this green transition in society I would like to thank everybody that has supported me along my way ... from sharing resources and knowledge to successful collaboration and building stronger networks locally and internationally. Thank You! <3
I am a part of the Vision Group, Key Collaborator and Consultant to the Directors of Self Organising Systems.
Self Organising Systems enables many Community oriented projects such as Community Gardens, Community run spaces like the T-House, transitioning events and a variety of Tech projects.
I also involve myself in many of those projects like building Websites, Gardening, Sustainable Nutrition Workshops, Talks & Presentations and Social Media Marketing.

Burning Man Network

Of course, there are always aspects of any network that I might not agree with, like the resource wastage on some of the Arts projects on the Playa however when taking the different principles of the Burning Man Network into consideration I have to say they are good guidlines to consider in community.

 bm10principlesfirebackground       lovebm

As a so called 'Community Leader' am currently holding the flag pole for the Burning Man Project in FNQ. Inspired by the previously called 'Burners without Borders' movement which distributes profits from the event into community by supporting projects that are benifical to the local area. An example: A tropical Garden

This is a good example for focusing on commonly shared understandings rather than differences when it comes to collaboration.



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