This Website

My only intent is to share my experiences.

I just love talking about experiences to learn from, to those that are interested!

Then it is an excited sharing of learnings. And it brings along the motivation for both sides, the teacher and the student. learning through interaction is of course rarely a one way stream.

Like the aboriginal story telling of old dream time stories.

Or the dancing not to learn how to fight (capoeira) but how to survive in nature.

How to be true, truly you.

Simply how to   BE!


  • Get inspired! If you like it.
  • Consider it and form your own opinion.  If you haven't thought about it.
  • It's OK! If you disagree.


Add your knowledge here.

A big sorry to all the foodies in this world... That this website is not as strict as some raw food vegans would like it to be.

I am quite pedantic about my values myself however I am not so sure it is the right way to go for encouraging big change in a lot of people and that's where I see the most merit in my actions.
And to those who say yeah, GMO is bad but still buy most of their food out of the supermarket, I hope to not offend you too the point that you stop cosnide ring the information provided. Please keep opening my newsletter/reading my articles.
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