Eating out of your Garden

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Make sure there is Food and Shelter before you can really think about satisfying all other wants and wishes...

Providing wholesome food becomes a challenge.

Women to learn from

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One of the reasons why I got convinced to put my experiences and thought into a website was to be part of a group of better raw models for our upcoming generations... Nearly anything you embody is better than a Lady Gaga, Britney Spears or a any other modern pop idol...

Save the Bees

19 July 2014 Published in Love Food

Practical implementation

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By your local honey that's extracted in a bee friendly way.

Love Water

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Keep it clean and pristine!

Love Food

What you eat shapes not just you it also shapes our world.

Love Nature

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I love the Rainforest, do you?

Love Gardening

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Gardening for Sustainability

beautiful, useful & easy to maintain!

- ease your mind by enjoying the aesthetics of beautiful and useful plant

- become more independent for healthy food supply

- save yourself the worry of chemicals in your food

- the time you need for shopping fresh produce

- get your daily exercise and meditation at once

Eat green

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This online publication EATgreen holds quality links on Sustainable Nutrition and related topics.

 Sustainability for Nature and You:       Easy - Healthy - Green

 Food is one of the main factors for sustainability.

 Let's create a happy future through the way we eat.

Love Life

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Happiness through health!


High on life!


The way you eat and structure your life can put you in any state you like.

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