This article describes exactly why I do what I do -

 Hi, I am Nina.

Thank you for taking the time to inform yourself about sustainable nutrition today! 

To spread the idea of eating healthily for the individual and the planet I was invited to hold a talk on Sustainable Nutrition for the FNQ Sustainability Alliance on Satunday the 27th of September.

You've got to have a look at these!

This image is a nice and simple way of explaining why to go plant based! Can it be more obvious why your diet can't be based on meat if you care about Sustainability?


Let Food be thy Medicine!

It is happening!

have a look at this link!

Make sure there is Food and Shelter before you can really think about satisfying all other wants and wishes...

Providing wholesome food becomes a challenge.

One of the reasons why I got convinced to put my experiences and thought into a website was to be part of a group of better raw models for our upcoming generations... Nearly anything you embody is better than a Lady Gaga, Britney Spears or a any other modern pop idol...

Practical implementation

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By your local honey that's extracted in a bee friendly way.

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