Love Transition

Transitioning a community through lifestyle.

Great Conversations before I leave the City...

An example: You like your hot shower and a chilled drink?

 At this point in time you're probably supporting coal mining so question your own behaviour when complaining about the impacts of things that happen within the system.

We also talked about Commonly shared understandings within our community

- what means  Sustainability for us: maintaining last existing pristine which means altering all processes in other locations as well due to their secondary impacts on those areas (Only  take out of nature below the rate of renewal - add to it only what can be reabsorbed)

- Perpetual growth on an finite planet is not viable

- Willing to accept/ to comprehend inconvenient truth - how much of a compromise can one accept it includes compromisI got our human needs when we embrace of not putting ourselves over everything else 

Art -  Life on Magnetic Island

Empowering the young generation on the island through skills and collaboration.

Lets combine this initiative with the food movement in Townsville i.e. Food Rescue, Permaculture Group, Soup Kitchen, etc


The social context of events and its motivation offers a great environment to learn about

and transition towards more sustainable lifestyle.

Here a summary of the talk I gave as part of my workshop for the Sustainability Alliance at the Wallaby Creek Festival.

 & Even in Cairns...

1urban burn 

at the time of the burn in Nevada we had the second urban burn in FNQ.

Our food was amazingly sustainable and the discussions just as green! I talked about my learnings at the global leadership conference. Follow the link to see the Slides.

Food on events - Burning Man

Example on playa: Eat more carrots!

Have a look at the 1 Billion BUnny March

 ... and other plants


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