Thoughts about Food and the World

After taking a break from my online work to get my hands dirty and in a huge garden and to learn about the realities of creating fruit forests - living truely green and connecting back to myself and nature - I am ready to reach out again and energize an array of different projects, online and on the ground.


These are the thoughts that run through my head at the time...

Living on the Edge that's where it's at.

Or like my friends Todd and Sivan say, "if you're not living on the edge you are taking up too much space..."

 I went on a medium bush walk the other day and found myself sharing these observations with a friend of mine... Have a look below for some insights in my bush food experiences today.

Beef Cattle and Dairy land

It is absolutely shocking what is going on out west with the cattle ... It's all over the news for weeks or month now... The dryness is so extrem that they literally starve and die of thirst thausands of animals... So how to prevent this and what to do? Those are the questions we need to find answered to.

Well, a start would be to recognise that most areas were well over stocked to start with so when thinking about stocking the land keep in mind draught periods and how they can be managed.

Anotherone would be the decision that we can either use the water for mining or for cattle... ( or neither of them) I think property owners have to make a decision there...

So one would think that cattle land owners would be against having mines for their incredible water use/wastage but many of them don't see this as they only look at some of the arguments for having mines, like employment in the mines and in some caeses high prices for selling their land... Please also look at the pollution caused and resources used to set up and run a mine before you even say one word to any person coming to discuss the topic of land usage with you because as soon as you open your doors and start conversations with those corporation they have their feet on the land and legal means to go from 'exploration laws' to exploiting the land in no time.

From a very dry to a very wet area...

'Same, same but different' for diaries even in a place like Millaa Millaa (indigenous language for 'very wet place') with usually about 4m, yes metres, of rain... it is so dry at the moment that the milk volumes are down nearly to half of what they could be this time a year. And yes, we might be lucky this year and get a late drizzle season and therefore enough rain to get us through the dry season but what if the wet seasons will be skipped more often then not in the future? What are the alternatives in this case?

Well, one of the answeres would be to put in irrigation, yes, certainly, big investment but might be worth it. But then for how much of the land can you do this without draining the rivers so much that it dries out the remaining forest which prevent the arriditation in the first place? 

In a perfect world people would reduce their intake of animal products! (as their production requires 90% of the overall resources used for our food production which is about 30% of all resources humanity uses!!!)

Let's take the example of a meat pie and a meat pie eater... He is unlikely to go vegan tomorrow, right? But what if he is willing to replace half or maybe even 80% of his meat in his meat pie with sweet potato or whatever is easy to grow in the area he/she lives in? This would safe 15-24% of our overall resources used to produce his meal. Na, how does that sound? 

More achievable... The meat eater might be willing after hearing many arguments for it and being shown a delicious recipe using less meat to change the habit maybe not to stop eating meat but to change the recipe and it would have a huge impact! Thank you for considering!


Bush foods 

On my walk I picked heaps of guta kola and some other edible weeds being reminded that there are no weeds, just plants with different characteristics... Once in the forest weedy type plants aren't dominant anymore but quite controlled... Some edible some not.

Collected native nutmeg for my teas for the year and munched on some native raspberries and cherry guavas again... Second season it seems.


Being in Nature also reminded me on how important the right posture and breathing is... Recharge yourself and make every movement perfect around exercise to stay healthy, fit and young! Good to release all the annoyances from the week...


Packaged Foods

Being welcomed in Peter and Carol's home in San Fran it was a new experience for them to host me and my friend (a vegetarian for nearly 40 years). The concepts of Veganism and Vegetarianisms challenged their mind. To cater for our "needs", more so wishes, they bought one day Tofu and another day Tortilla Chips and fresh Tomato dip... The next conversation will be about the impacts of packaged foods. Risks to our health, resources used to produce the plastic to package them, disposal of packaging and more so the (not yet quite) monopoly situation in the market place of some organisations of most processed foods... Scary I reckon.


hmm... Bunya Nuts taste so delicious just boiled in rosemary (Can't just share one link... Tipe in 'healing proerties of rosemary' Wow what a herb! ... so does Isabell Shipard.


Thanks Jef for the abundance of Sweet Leave! The tips are valued like the tips of asparagus!


Imagine how many beans you need to grow to end up with a portion like the one you just ate...

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