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26 April 2015 Written by  Published in Love Food

 Mono crops as far as you can see, in amongst them little oil pumps doing their thing. monocropsandoilpumos &

Barn farms between the cities. (LA and San Fran)

just google it...



just for the images... Or which social media platform? Pinterest or instagram or a totally different one?

i saw the imagery that you see in movies about he impacts of our beef industry.

far too many animals on dirt given brown ball off hay? Something for food....

how dare we humans to think this is ok just to eat meat? Huge amounts of meat...

the cows or more so Bulls fed with genetically engeneered corn, soy and grains

keep your regions #GMOfree

Or do you understand its impacts?

wenheard a talk yesterday by Ingrid Ingham on how the war industry had to find a new market for the remains of the war phosphorour and nitrogen....  Fertilizers ....

and on how important the right microbial structure in the soil is important for the fertility in the soil and its ability to hold water....

land ther is so much more to know in these contexts!



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