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22 April 2015 Written by  Published in Love Learning

Another Urban Space to check out ways of setting up alternative food supplies in densely populated areas! And this is how it can look outside of the city next to see the 'back in San Fran' article.


Hot recommendation by two hot girls  #hotgirls.   - women - at Sanita Monica beach    #santamonicabeach   area.


Afterwards in the early evening...

awesome gardening community projects, where I got Okinawa spinach and organic oranges! Free/ by donation


 Greenhorns and Grange Future

and then later today meeting Kate and her partnear.

Care about your water!     - Not just in a Draught. 

waterbottlefiller    bittleorjarfiller

didn't have my bottle on hand so bought a tomato

one organic to ate that actually looked organic not mainstreamorganic for $US 2.45 


 Not just in a Draught- it doesn't work like that.

care about it all the time and drinking water comes first

and first comes Water in regards to health and Nutrition!

I went to the most extraordinary location and set up for a farmers market that I have ever been too and since them am munching on nuts, greens and berries.... Perfect! 

/ cityrooffarmersmarket   lacityfarmersmarket

Yes, under all those orange marquise. When you get to it, it looks a bit more normal.


Look at this awesome event Which I will check out tomorrow... From an initiative to a food policy?  Lots to learn and share with other areas!

After the farmers markets we got a special tour through LA's and possibly the worlds biggest art space covering 24 acres. Big metal art next to pimping up old mini cars, passed amazing drawings on the world and the whole space is just exciting and unique.

drawingsonwallla   bedstructur

The Food Council makes great things happen... Working with the Farmers Market Association that helps people to set up farmers markets, the Urban Ag Working group that is setting up gardens all over the city and many others and to make things work they embrace health and nutrition, fair work conditions and generally have a very inclusive, collaborative approach.

 Some other amazing projects in the City:



Notes on the most wholistic project for changing our system and create a better world I have ever heard about! And they will document as they go so let's try to keep up to date with it!


Watch Santee Education Complexe in the future - Hydroponics

tie in with University research in Hydroponics, and banks to run business program that is part of high school education for the students to learn about business

selling the hands on tool being the garden and selling the produce

gets funded because 82% get government support in form of cards that allow them to buy food and the shops get reimbursed by the government this money can be used to maintain tha gardens.

provide cards that are used to pay 


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