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10 April 2015 Written by  Published in Love Learning

Take Burner culture through community development projects into our regions...

Going to the Global Leadership Conference!

The last session of the day portrayed how Burning Man brings art and engaging or green projects into communities through Giants and thereby supporting creative ways of finding solutions To exisiting issues. This shows the emphasis on having a positive impact on our society and helps to spread the principles into the world.

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An exciting last day. First a session on how to 'Trade your Limits for  Inspiration & Curiosity' and then one on the ins and outs of 'Community Growth'.

On the last day I even got the chance to discuss the importance of Sustainable Eating and Sourcing Food with the Burner Community.

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It was a very pleasurable productive working group that was eager to take the approach to the   events and I learned that the Burning Man event in Nevada is already working on the logistics on how to get more local food to the playa and includes a Farmers Market onsite! So let's embrace this for all the regional events likewise!

We also identified two major directions. One being working out the specifics on how to grow and supply he right food in the most economic way at the same time how to engage those that are still trapped in their traditional habits of consumption.

The day before I learned about Corporate Governance.

this morning I participated in a presentation on Public Relations

Learning about grant distribution and leadership skills

Today Conference time! so much sharing of amazing experiences in so many different countries! Burning Man - We are everywhere and well connected!

Some terms to think about: 

Co-creation - working with existing networks - listen - enable - connecting with not-yet-burners 

Public Affection - self-expression


Engage - Listen - Network

Organise - Community - Work the plan relentlessly

recyle - green food - art

Human Unity - from awareness to action - us vs them

Connection with Nature (current disconnect)

 This is how it started yesterday!

nice creative spaces to drive transition...

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concepts & Ideas that I resonate with:


I met (and heard about) so many amazing people building my international network of like-minded and different minded people. Check them out!



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