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21 March 2015 Written by  Published in Love Food

I am on a little trip again to broaden my horizon on the amazing creations of the sustainble food movement!

Check this article regularly to get an insight in my journey. Lots of food talk and learning about community development.

 Next to all the community gardens popping up in he neighbourhoods there are many more amazing food initiatives, like the Good Earth Organic Store which is not just a place to buy only organic foods but It is also involved in a School program that offered organic food to 11 local schools, they have a Cafe and a Salad bar inside the building. They see themselves more like a Community hub that is also about education of their customers and together with them of the broader community. The values represented from within and the customers - reflected in the Mission statement based around Nature and Food being sacred and a section to just spend some time offering books on topics of interest, and high ethical standards on which products to stock are also seen as key elements of separation of merely buying a product with an organic label. Additionally this community of workers and buyers successfilly support campaigns like creating a GMO free state. Watch their video of you get a chance.

 Goodearthnina  goodearth

This 100% Organic and other huge markets like, Monterey Market and Berkley Bowl show the scale of the consumer audience for the supply of fresh green produce in an urban space like the north of San Fransisco.

berkeleybowl  drygoodsbbowl 


Some others are Spur an organisations that has a huge impact on government and organisations in coming up with ideas and actions to create better cities.


Just on my way from the amazingly green Berkely University Campus to Monterey Market by bike! (Thanks Dani for borrowing the bike!) What a pretty neighbourhood! From community garden, passed a ride or walk to school event and stunning architectural houses that look like little castles to the next suggestion of my adored peer Dani Lee who is actively involved in changing local food policies to get us out of this mess we have created and corporations try to protect up to this day.

More on all the great initiatives I found on the Food Campus.

After the Conference my attention can be brought back to the Food Movement.

On my travels over the last few days I came across several community gardens.

Gardenplotmissionst   Backyardoakland

On Monday I attended a discussion group talking about food and water security in a drought situation.

Some of the discussion topics & answers:

Intent: more resilience - Food security across all ages and cultures


Everybody eats so even in areas where agriculture doesn't make up a huge percentage of the economy we need to change our perception of farming and its importance!

Farmer assistant - for what exactly?

Responsibility of retail to support the change - This is an aspect that don't often gets discussed but as much as local policies need to be adjusted and the consumer behaviour retail is the other link that needs to start paying fair amounts to the farmer to meintain the source rather than just aim for the greatest short term profit.

CWC - Community Water Centre - ensuring safe Water access

Reconstituting water through Desalination or the iodisation of water vapour

Remind everybody about Water in all areas all the time!

Conserving - Indigenous knowledge on how to grow and how to preserve

Stress caused by insecurity of good and water physically and mentally - understanding this angle allows to draw the topic into other fields which might allow for funding, more initiatives and a broader engagement in finding better water management approaches

Change power systems - radical organising and restructuring


Just stumbelling about the streets of the City identifying one of the big trend here being mobile food t Ickes to activate the neighbourhoods. Bringing people together around food just always works... 

Foodtruck   Behindthefunkylookingdude

Started to explore the sustainable green food options on my pretty neighbourhood.

Shophaightst      Mansonicst

Walking down Haight street again after 14 years felt great!


First Sunset in San Fran 

So spend a little while in a park and bought some treats from a green local.


Here I can even buy carrots and apples locally sourced and grown without chemicals! Yeahy!


Just arrived in Melbourne. From my beloved greeness of FNQ to the big City Smog...

can't say  I am loving this....


 Green Food even advertised  in nearly every article on the plane in the official Jet Star magazine: 

Freshfoodtoeat Saladstar 

This is what it actually looks like though! Perfect miss match between our media about healthy food and common habits.


Therefore breakfast was delayed until 3pm. No worries munched out late last night.

Also see Back in San Fran to see why al the initiatives up top are so needed to get away from all the negative impacts of conventional agriculture on our  and our planets well-being!

 Mono crops as far as you can see, in amongst them little oil pumps doing their thing. monocropsandoilpumos &

Barn farms between the cities. (LA and San Fran)

just google it...


just for the images... Or which social media platform? Pinterest or instagram or a totally different one?

i saw the imagery that you see in movies about he impacts of our beef industry.

far too many animals on dirt given brown ball off hay? Something for food....

how dare we humans to think this is ok just to eat meat? Huge amounts of meat...

the cows or more so Bulls fed with genetically engeneered corn, soy and grains

keep your regions #GMOfree

Or do you understand its impacts?

wenheard a talk yesterday by Ingrid Ingham on how the war industry had to find a new market for the remains of the war phosphorour and nitrogen....  Fertilizers ....

and on how important the right microbial structure in the soil is important for the fertility in the soil and its ability to hold water....

land ther is so much more to know in these contexts! 

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