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What you eat shapes not just you it also shapes our world.

Food is one of the main factors for Sustainability.

Why? How? What can I do? 

As 40% of the world's surface is covered by agriculture and 30% of our resources get used to produce our food.

You can start informing yourself about food with this: What's wrong with what we eat?

What are the practical implementations of sustainable food preparation?

Choose plant-based, local, seasonal, less processed, less packaged and organic foods and avoid wastage.

No wastage: Use what needs using, then create you meal from that.

Buy plant-based whole foods that are in season/ on offer from sustainable agriculture or straight out of the garden.

Focus on local ingredients when sourcing your food to prevent transporting food unnecessarily around the globe.

Following some guidelines for communal cooking:

To create your meals using as much fresh as possible. Ideally up to 60% (some foods need cooking or other treatments to be healthy, potatoes, some spinaches, beans, etc.) So include fruit and salads wherever possible and even as toppings on cooked dishes, like herbs, seeds and sprouts.In general when designing your meals, make vegetables the main ingredient.

Then think about your complex carbohydrates from, for example potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, rice and different grains (include amaranth or millet) or main ingredients like beans, lentils and chick peas which deliver a huge amount of protein at the same time.

Note: Protein isn’t a problem. It’s a myth. Definitely not in a vegetarian diet and in most cases not even in a vegan diet, as even some vegetables have 30% of protein in them and a main carbohydrate source like grains has over 7% of protein and we only need 12% of protein.

Then think about good oils. Focus on plant derived cold pressed oils. Whatever oil you use (olive, rapseed, sunflower, ...) an addition of flaxseed oil (used cold) is recommendable and make sure you know at what temperature they form transfatty acids, as you definitely want to avoid them.If you have a dish based on white rice or white flour, like pasta add nuts and seeds to satisfy your bodies need for minerals and other nutrients. 

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