20 December 2012 Written by  Published in Love Nature

I love the Rainforest, do you?

Do you know how sensitive it is? Your lifestyle makes the difference!

Do you know how the pollution you cause everyday contributes to the reduction of biodiversity in it? Have you accordingly started to rethink your consumerism?

Think about minimalism and learn to enjoy a sustainable way…

Without nature no living.

Pollution in the air we breath, in the water we drink, in the food we eat.

Pristine land for pristine food.

It is our basic requirement so let's make it a focus.

We can go a long while without food, we can go a little while without water, which nurtures our food, however we cannot go without air for more than a couple of minutes...

So change NOW, not later…now.

BE IN THE NOW - this is part of it - take responsibility


I love nature, helping to safe pristine wilderness gives me the motivation to do my projects.


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