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20 December 2012 Written by  Published in Love Food

Gardening for Sustainability

beautiful, useful & easy to maintain!

- ease your mind by enjoying the aesthetics of beautiful and useful plant

- become more independent for healthy food supply

- save yourself the worry of chemicals in your food

- the time you need for shopping fresh produce

- get your daily exercise and meditation at once

 Here are some ideas on how to rethink your garden approach

  • Using weeds: killing two birds with one stone


- sensitive weed

- chickweed

- lamp's quarter/pig weed

- Gutacola

Choosing plants that grow in the given environment with very little care taking. This leads directly to

Permaculture, Bio-Dynamics and the beginning of learning about native food producing plants. (in Australia referred to as Bush Tucker)

 These can be complemented by native plants from similar climate zones. In this case be aware of not introducing invasive plants.

 You will start seeing those plants in nature and even in gardens and public spaces in cities.

 If you now also set up your own garden yourself you will experience one of the best ways of exercise and meditation.

 As our population gets more and more dense we need to start thinking about our direct food supply.

 Other interesting concept is Guerilla gardening

 Every plant in a city has an reducing effect on global warming. Imagine these plants also to be a food source or providing housing and medicine.

Have a look at this! 


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