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20 December 2012 Written by  Published in Love Food

This online publication EATgreen holds quality links on Sustainable Nutrition and related topics.

 Sustainability for Nature and You:       Easy - Healthy - Green

 Food is one of the main factors for sustainability.

 Let's create a happy future through the way we eat.

 Choose plant-based, local, seasonal, less processed, less packaged and organic foods and avoid wastage.


As 40% of the world's surface is covered by agriculture, changing what you eat shapes the world.Have you ever thought about wild plants as part of a sustainable diet?


Do you know what guerrilla gardening is?


And are you  aware of implementations of a sustainable diet?


No? And you would like to know?


Have a look at this: EAT green



Yes? Then I am sure there  is still information in EAT green that interests you. (=



Eat green is an online magazine on sustainable nutrition.



This collection of links can help you to implement green habits in your everyday life..



Embracing the provided information might benefit your health as many chronic diseases, your capability 



and your over all well-being are closely related to the way you nurture your body.



The way we eat, produce and purchase our food shapes the world, as about 40% of the world's surface is 



covered by agriculture and 30% of our resources are used in this sector.



Through your demand you have a direct impact on the supply on the market.



Choose plant-based, local, seasonal, less processed, less packaged and organic foods.



And of course, avoid wasting!



Let's create a happy and sustainable future.



For nature and for yourself!



You can find out more about these kind of thinkings on:


To sum it up, live Green and Healthy!


You can experience the implementations of these thinkings


@  'Digger Street' / 346 Sheridan Street, Cairns North, QLD, Australia



We have a permaculture garden set up, an evolving tea chill out area and a great spot to prepare good food!


The fresh foods comes directly out of the garden and from the local RealFood Network.


That's what I call fresh.


This ezine is all about creating a nexus point of information. 


How shall we eat now and in the future?


If you want to be part of this information sharing, let's collaborate. You can start involving yourself by registering on the Diggerstreet website, submitting your links on the PaperFreePress website or send you links straight to the publisher of EATgreen:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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