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01 January 2016 Written by  Published in Love Activity

I really enjoy getting super fit again while planting a fruit forest on the edge of world heritage rainforest and enjoying the fresh fruit from the trees that were planted by others in the last 8 years.

As you know - Exercise is important!  - Evolutionary our bodies are also made for regular exercise.

Every moment can become exercise... 


when you stand you can focus on your posture, when you sit you can lift your legs, when you pick up something it can become a stretch or a knee bend.

Walk or cycle instead of taking the car for shorter distances makes you happy and reduces pollution!

Gardening can be a beautiful mental relaxation and body work out at the same time, plus you can harvest your own food... just had a beautiful salad out of our garden... hmmm...

More so, imbed your work out in your everyday life, lift right, carry your bags by using your muscles and not have them hang of your bend back...

Take the stairs instead of the escalator. Have you tried walking them backwards?

I often stand when I do computer work or use a kneely chair, I stand up once in a while to stretch and in my lunch break I go for a walk or do exercise.

Apart from that, I do Yoga, play Poi and do Partner Acrobatics to stay fit. 

Your posture is so important...

Here a little introduction on how to stand right.

  • move your chin close to your nec
  • pull your shoulder blades together and downwards
  • pull the lower part of your ribs inwards (from the front)
  • use your stomach muscles to tilt your hips forward
  • don't overstretch your knees
  • and stand with your feet hip-wide apart, nicely balanced on your sole

 (Yes I know, it sounds ridiculous to tell someone how to stand, however it is the key to preventing back and headaches in the future and to help improving your condition. Last but not least, these are all just suggestions... you adapt what suits you and disregard the aspects you are currently not interested in.)

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