Origin: cultivated in Asia for thousands of years

Cultivation: From seeds, in the tropics fairly easy to grow, hardy in dry conditions

Plant specifics: Grows into a huge tree, so early pruning pays off

Fruit rating: One of my favourite fruit and in season so abundantly available

In FNQ: September - December: when it comes to the stringy mangoes, mostly planted by the chinese during the time of the gold rush, many stringy or 'common' mangoes are disregarded because of their fiber that gets stuck between peoples teeth but flavourwise these are of the best tasting mangoes I know of and by far out compete Bowens or other cultivated varieties. This makes them a perfect frugal fruit. just driving around suburbs in Mareeba, Cairns, Wonga beach or along the coastal road between Cairns and Cooktown you will be able to fill up box after box to freeze or dry for the rest of the year...


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