Be Passionate


You are what you eat!"


Explore the fascination of foods! Start trying new things. You will get excited about the different tastes and combinations of tastes. Many people believe that life is about gaining experiences... and food is a diverse and exciting field to explore.


Food is the gate way for a lot of people to get in tune with themselves. You can develop a feeling for what you need, to feel a certain way, physically and emotionally. As you learn about this you are able to consciously create the way you feel. 


Explore the different states and choose who you want to be.


Be your own ongoing experiment! (without taking unnecessary risks, of course (-; )


Food also defines whom you meet and how you spend your time. Just think of all the things that are involved with your food, how and where you get it and how and where you prepare it and with whom you share or don’t share your meals.


Recognized examples for how food has a direct impact on your life.

So called brain foods promote concentration and brain functions.

And this is just one little aspect. Just think of the euphoric mood caused by chocolate or vanilla...

 Or the link between a lack of Vitamin D and being depressed and even more prone to get breast cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. see what Dr Mercola has to say on the topic.


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