Interested in Sustainability & Nutrition?  Involve Yourself!

Guided Nature Walks Daintree

One of the things I do regularly for the last year is taking people on Bush Walks in the Daintree rainforest. This is a fantastic experience and a great platform to discuss the importance of forests for our planet and us.

A nature walk to regain appreciation and your connection to the environment while learning about the oldest rainforest in the world. 

Get to experience edible weeds, rare tropical fruit and bush Tucker and their importance for a healthy ecology and humans alike.

Other topics addressed, Indigenous culture, ancient plants, local animals like rodents, lizards, cassowaries, crocodiles and the impacts of colonialism and wild pigs on our fauna and flora. Wrap up, a discussion about sustainability - pollution, drought, resource shortages, species extinction - what can we do and what would we like to see in this world to preserve natural habitat, especially rainforests, for biodiversity on this planet?

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